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Racing with a Team is Fun
Saturday, February 28, 2009 - Race Reports
The Merco crit was about 90 minutes in downtown Merced. Last year I sat on the back of the cat. 2 race. This year I rode near the front and actually did stuff.

Drove down with Jesse and Adam. They shoved me in the back seat of the truck and wouldn't give me any food. But I had my Skins on so they couldn't hurt me.

The Bissell Team was aggressive the whole race. We were in most of the moves. The best was part was sitting up when teammates were in them.

A few times I was in the move myself. One was with Jackson Stewart of BMC. Another was solo off the front with 7 laps to go. But they were giving $100 primes every few laps so nobody wanted stuff to stay away.

The last few laps were pretty crazy with some crashes right next to me. I managed to stay in the lead group of about 20 for the last lap. I went backwards when I stood up to sprint and finished 18th.

Some of the other guys bowed out of the sprint because it was getting so crazy. Cody finished 8th and Joao was 19th.

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