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The Paul Mach Blog - Really, a Vacuum Just Like Mine and $200

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Really, a Vacuum Just Like Mine and $200
Thursday, March 19, 2009 - General
Bissell, the vacuum company, is having a contest, here are the details:

Bissell's Healthy Home Vacuum cleans better and costs $200 less than the Hoover Platinum Cyclonic Vacuum!

To celebrate this fact, we are holding a contest for consumers to submit, in 200 words or less, a creative idea of what they would do with an extra $200. We will choose one winner of a Healthy Home Vacuum and a $200 VISA gift card every day through April 15, 2009!

Visit http://www.bissell.com/save200 to submit your entries.

When I heard about this I wrote up an entry right away. Then I found out I was ineligible so now I'm just going to post it here. Please remember that everyone at Bissell Headquarters reads my blog so don't do anything stupid.

An extra $200? Sign me up for a weekend in Davis, CA to watch the West Coast Collegiate Cycling Championships, April 28-29. I hear the Crit on Sunday will be in downtown Davis on the same course as the 4th of July race. $200 is all I'll need to cover gas, hotel, In-N-Out Burger and a t-shirt.

Not only would I see great racing, but I'd get to see all the cool bikes those fast collegiate guys ride. Phil Mooney's Look 595 is cool, but have you seen that sweet thing Paul Mach is on? I can't imagine seeing a Pinarello Prince up close. I mean that was the bike that Ben Jacques-Maynes rode in the Tour of California this year. And Paul's bike is an exact copy. That guy is so cool.

UC Davis only destroys the rest of the conference like 3 or 4 times a year. Why wouldn't you use your $200 to see something like that?

That is all, I'll let my legs do the smack talking from now on.

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