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Silver in Silver City
Friday, May 1, 2009 - Race Reports
Up hill, down Hill Today the Tour of the Gila featured a 16 mile hilly TT. After the results from the first day I was a little worried that Chris Horner would start behind me. But GC changed a bit after yesterday's stage and I was safe.

Had another one of those "Burke" moments at the course. I saw Chris Baldwin while rolling around and he gave me that "I think you're Burke" look. Then he wished me luck. Ah, good times.

Anyway, Tom, Ben, Jeremy and Burke were all rockin' 58 tooth front chain rings and I can see why they'd need it. I was spun out on the final decent. On the way back I caught my 30 second man at the top of the hill but then he repassed me on the way down. I felt pretty good during the ride overall. I don't know where I placed.

We do know that Tom was second to Levi and ahead of Lance. That's some pretty good riding. They've been pretty good about posting results on the Tour of the Gila website so they should be up soon.

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