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I see why they call it a Monster
Sunday, May 3, 2009 - Race Reports
Crazy, Crazy, Crazy 105 miles, 4 and a half hours, 9,131 feet of climbing and 70 miles in the break. This course profile doesn't do the route justice. It may took flat in places, but it's always rolling.

The race started with a bunch of attacking and Ben and I managed to get in the break of 11. It was hard riding but we'd get a head start on the climbing.

We rolled it over the first hill and through the valley and into the first real climb. We went into it 3 minutes ahead of the field and crested the top about 2:30 back. The course goes up and over "The Monster," then turns around and comes right back.

On the way back is when the action happened. At the start we dropped half the break almost immediately. About half way up we got caught by Levi, Lance and Horner.

I tried to stay with whatever group was coming by but they were all riding pretty hard. Over the top I was in the second group with Ben and Tom. But going into the last climb everything blew apart.

The BMC car yelled, "Good job Burke" as they drove by and I got into another chase group as the last big climb leveled out. But it never really levels off and I was exploding. I was struggling to stay on and I finally popped right before the decent. I was caught by 4 guys at the bottom and rolled in with them.

I finished 17th, moved to 16th on the GC, and Bissell won the Team GC. They calculate the Team GC by taking the top 3 riders each day, so today I helped out. You need 4 riders to qualify so Mellow Johnny's and BMC didn't.

Tomorrow I'm off to Fort Collins to race Collegiate Nationals next weekend.

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Monday, May 4, 2009, 11:31 am
Congrats Paul to you and your Team for
a great showing at Gila. 17th in the GC
is pretty friggin cool. Good luck next
week at the Collegiate Nationals.
Ciao... Keep the up-dates coming!

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