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Wohlberg would never be too sick to race
Saturday, May 9, 2009 - Race Reports
Thus, I will never be either. As for Phil, he was too sick to race today and the plan was to sub Will in for the crit. Unfortunately, since we didn't decide that till this morning we were out of luck. That left only 3 of us in the race.

The crit went as expected for me. I kept my position pretty well and put in some digs but as soon as I'd get off the front I'd be toast and get brought back. The course was really wide open so people would shoot up the side and close stuff down.

The finish sucked and I got shelled during the last lap. Overall, I think my crit racing is improving, but I still need a lot of work on the end game.

As a team, the women did well and we kind of sucked up it. Our team is now 4th and within reach of 2nd. Lees-McRae pretty much has the win wrapped up.

The banquet this year was pretty good. They had a live twitter feed up on the screen that displayed tweets with #fccf and #cycling in them. As you can imagine paulmach.com made multiple appearances.

However, the best ones were from Cody Tapley. "getting ready for prom,Go Aggies!!!#fccf" and "starts at 6 but already dressed for pics.#fccf" Classic, brought back so many memories, most of which I'd like to forget.

Anyway, Dave Towle handled the awards at a good pace. We didn't have anyone up there this year, but that will change with the TTT tomorrow. The event starts at 8am and we roll just after 9.

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