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Hey, Michael Jackson died
Friday, July 3, 2009 - Race Reports
I didn't want to be the only person on the internet not to post something about Michael Jackson, so this title is my part.

OMG, stage 2 of the Fitchburg Classic was intense. It was a 5k circuit with a pretty good climb in it that we did 24 times for 75 miles. The finish was at the top of the climb.

The first half was typical; fast up the climb, a fight for position. Then it started raining, hard, thunderstorm hard. That's also about when the break of 7 went up the road. Kirk was in it so we let it go. The problem was it took us a while to realized that number 3 on the GC, Zach Bell, was in it too.

So Bissell hit the front to chase. Andy and Frank rode for a while but the break was still gaining time as they had 6 rotating to our 2. Morgan and I jumped in a few laps later and the gap started coming down from over a minute to 40 seconds.

With 5 laps to go Colavita hit the front to setup the stage win. I rotated with them and took my final pull with a lap and a half to go. I got shelled up the climb but on the back side Ben yelled, "Go Paul, get back up there," as Tom was now drilling it himself on the front.

Ben and I hit the front again for a few more K. That effort, plus the one to move up, killed me. Then Ben reminded me that I still needed to sprint up the hill to make sure no gaps would open. That hurt the worst.

I finished in the main group behind the break in the 40s somewhere. Kirk won the stage from the break and Tom is still in the lead by 21 seconds.

It was a desperate situation there for a couple laps but it turned out okay. It was also pretty awesome riding the front like a real man, non of that sitting in garbage. Good times, more to come tomorrow.

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