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The Paul Mach Blog - It's a happy 4th of July here in Mass.

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It's a happy 4th of July here in Mass.
Saturday, July 4, 2009 - Race Reports
First of all I'd like to thank the Bissell staff. Their help after yesterday's rainy stage helped a bunch. But there is only so much they can do and I started today still feeling yesterday's efforts. Not even Frank Pipp's eggs over easy could help me.

Well, that's a tough way to start a 110 mile stage. There was one major climb with a few rollers before and after in each of the 10 laps. That's where all the action happened. First few laps were hardcore, then it settled down a bit and Bissell hit the front to keep the break in check.

With 3 to go a dangerous move got up the road and I was the only Bissell guy in it. That came back in a half a lap and then it was game on for the rest of the race. I tried to cover moves and ride the front as much as I could but after 105 miles I was cooked. It got kind of crazy with tons of attacks and Tom was forced to cover. After all that he finished a little bit back but still holds the lead by 6 seconds.

I popped off with 2k to go. How much time can you lose in 2k? Well, apparently 1:17.

Today's race was a more consistent hurt and I wasn't as destroyed as yesterday. Just to make sure, the team hit up Applebee's and topped it off with some ice cream.

Finished the night was a little Mike Jones.

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