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The Paul Mach Blog - Another Reno hill climb

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Another Reno hill climb
Sunday, July 19, 2009 - Race Reports
Headed out to Reno for the Sierra Nevada Hill Climb TT #3: Geiger Grade to try my legs against Bobby Julich's record. For those that don't have time to read more, I won, but missed the record by a whoppin' 45 seconds.

The climb was about 2100 feet in 7.6 miles. Not that bad but it did end at 6800ft. I knew the average speed I needed to keep and quickly realized I wasn't going to hold it. I finished in 30:10.

I know I can ride faster than that. For one, I could've left the saddle bag at home. Well, I call it a saddle bag but it's actually a parachute I use when I blow through the finish line too hot. It was unnecessary on this course.

Afterward people told me that my time was probably the second fastest. That didn't make me feel better as I wasn't interested in being the Tyler Farrar of hill climbs. Oh Snap!

Anyway, the legs felt pretty good, I'm looking forward to Cascade next week.

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