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Rubber side up?
Friday, July 24, 2009 - Race Reports
Another big stage today at the Cascade Classic. A 15 mile climb to start and then a hill top to finish.

The first climb was pretty hard. I tried my hand at some moves but just didn't have it. Ben got in the break that finally formed over the top. He was high man on GC in there so that let us sit back for once. The break came back in the end but Ben got the green sprint jersey for his efforts.

After the climb things settled down as Rock took the front. However, everyone was fighting for position behind them.

Still about 10 miles out I got caught up in a crash. Something happened on the left and moved over to the right. Rammed my collar bone into a rear wheel but was going pretty slow when I fell. Taylor Phinney not so much. I got up, fixed my front brake, put my chain back on and he was still laying there on the ground. But it sounds like he'll be okay.

Kirk and I spent a while chasing back on but finally made it. After that I just hung out at the back a little tired and a little unmotivated.

When it started to go hard up the final climb I found myself at the back. I had to go around guys and ended up about 10 meters behind the lead group before I blew up. That's what I get for starting at the back, oh well.

I'm glad the legs felt better on today's final climb. Now just saving it for that circuit race on Sunday.

I don't think anybody appreciated today's win by Team Type 1's Moises Aldape.

Tomorrow's crit will be interesting. I don't know how much work Ivan Dominguez did today but he was up there. Kirk had an easy day so I'll bet on him.

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Friday, July 24, 2009, 7:39 pm
Hey Paul... We hope your Ok! Crashing Sucks!
Jane crashed Wednesday and made the Cycle To
Web site... Tough way to gain Fame.
Glad to see your still on the Bike... Be safe

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