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The Paul Mach Blog - C4 recap

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C4 recap
Thursday, July 30, 2009 - General
So what happened in the Cascade Cycling Classic Contest? Everything that's important happened.

Stage 1 - Smith Rock Road Race
My wife Sara won with her prediction that Ben Jacques-Maynes would take the win. And take the win he did, by a whole 10 seconds. Stage victory number 1 for Team Bissell.

Stage 2 - Three Creeks Road Race
There was a bit of controversy on this stage. It looked like Adam Switters used his position in the race to sway the results. We had a poll and the readers agree. Sorry Adam, disqualified! No official winner.

Stage 3 - Skyliners Time Trial
It's getting pretty obvious that Zirbel will win any TT. Not only did PMTG predict that, but he also had Oscar Sevilla in Yellow by a minute. In reality it was 40 seconds, but we'll give him the win anyway. Congratulations Phil.

Stage 4 - Cascade Lakes Road Race
A cute little stage prime for a break. Team Type 1's Moises Aldape took the win and according to the Velonews article his wife called it the night before. So Mrs. Aldape, contact me about your prize. I'm sure you're in desperate need of some Bissell cycling gear.

Stage 5 - Bend Downtown Criterium
I don't think anyone entered, but Ivan Dominguez took the win. A bit of drama that day as Ouch worked to bring back the break only to miss the win.

Stage 6 - Awbrey Butte Circuit Race
Whatever, it appears everyone was watching the Ventoux stage over and over again and didn't care to enter. At least that's what we were doing at our host house. I think I saw the last 5k three times.

The Overall
Burnt Johnson, I do hope that's not a crash while taking a pee inspired pseudonym. Anyway Burnt, you are the winner and the only one to pick Oscar Sevilla. Congratulations.

One last thing, the quote of the week goes to Burke Swindlehurst with

"Looking at your power meter during a sprint
is like looking at yourself in the mirror while having sex."

Oh yeah, that's nice. I like what I'm seeing.

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