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Fort Ord, again
Saturday, August 1, 2009 - Race Reports
Today at the District Championships we had the same course as Sea Otter but with two bonus out and back sections. I had a simple plan for the 100 mile race, get in the break, ride hard and worry about the finish when it's over. That's pretty much exactly what happened.

On the second lap I got in a move with Evan, Fabrice, Jesse and Will. We rolled the next 80 miles about 2 minutes ahead of the field. It was a good time as Evan struggled without his power meter and Jesse realized this was his third long break in a week.

I attacked on the climb with a lap to go but it still came down to me and Jesse playing games for the last 5k. I lead out the sprint from 175 meters and edged Jesse by inches.

However, there was a bit of controversy at the finish. Some claimed I didn't hold my line and moved across the road. Others thought it was fine since there was plenty of space on both sides. I'm not really sure what happened. A protest was filed to settle the matter but the original result was up held. Overall, it was a sour ending to an otherwise fun race.

But the Wife, she had a great time. She brought her friend Mary and they spent the race in the feed zone whistling at riders. I'm not sure what I think about that but at least there was one spectator who wasn't a racer's significant other.

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