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The Paul Mach Blog - A little Rock and Roll on Mt. Rose

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A little Rock and Roll on Mt. Rose
Monday, August 10, 2009 - Race Reports
The wife and I headed out to Reno last weekend for the last hill climb TT of the series. This one was up Mt. Rose on Sunday morning.

I had to skip out on Patterson to make it but I wanted to do a hard, high altitude climb in preparation for Utah. Mt. Rose climbs from about 5000ft to 9000ft which is similar to the Mt. Nebo climb on Stage 2.

There wasn't much drama and I finished in 58:00, off the record by over 3 minutes. I'm blaming that on the stiff head wind. On the flatter part, at the bottom, I kept thinking, "This sucks, you need to find a wheel." Of course there were no wheels.

I saw a Rock Racing party busEscalade on my way up. Looks like they're taking Utah seriously too. A bunch of teams are. I'm actually on my way out there right now, a week early, to acclimate and check out courses. More info on that later.

In other news, this morning I walked out to the car to find the driver's door slightly open and the contents of the glove box all over the passenger seat. Looks like someone had a little extra time last night as there was nothing of value in/taken from the car.

The only thing missing was the key to the bike rack. It wasn't on the car at the time so I hope they're not planning to come back or something.

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Chris Phipps
Monday, August 10, 2009, 10:27 pm
Acclimation is overrated.
I'll just keep telling myself that.
See you next week.

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