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Climb after climb after climb
Saturday, August 22, 2009 - Race Reports
Today was another good day for Bissell. We stacked the break with our two GC guys, Ben and Burke, plus Jeremy for good measure.

It was a crazy start to this 100 mile Queen Stage of the Tour of Utah. All the action was on a big "roller" out of town.

I followed a few moves launched by Troy, the guy I stayed with when I was in Fort Collins. Then I followed a move to bridge up to Morgan half way up. That came back and the big break with our 3 guys went over the top.

Rock Racing must have let it go due to the biggest Burke-Paul mix up ever. The officials got the numbers confused and thought I was up there.

While the break was working on its maximum 8 minute lead, I was working on positioning. I followed Frank around at the front and learned a lot.

There was the usual fight for position going into the climb. BMC was getting frustrated as they couldn't assume their usually spot at the front. At one point Jeff Louder said, "Cool down guys, plenty of time to get dropped." That's not very nice and I'm unfollowing him on twitter in protest. How do you like that Jeff?

The first major climb came and I felt relatively good. I ended up in a big group of people who have been dropping me all week. But this group was pretty big and was basically the gruppetto anyway.

As we were descending the second climb I had a bit of a shifter issue and was stuck in the 19. I was spun out on the flats but the real trouble started on the climb.

At first I tried to turn it over but then it got steeper and I got tired. As the group rode away from me the fans kept me going. They gave me water and kept me updated on Burke's progress. He ended up getting second out of the break, which is pretty awesome.

I finished the climb cracked and over 20 minutes back from the leaders. But overall this is the best I've felt all week.

Tomorrow is just a 90 minute crit, and then it will be over.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009, 9:01 pm
If you were a real man you'd just do the whole race in The Big Dawg

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