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A crit and it's over
Sunday, August 23, 2009 - Race Reports
It rained last night up at Park City so we were a little worried about the crit today. Fortunately it cleared up by the afternoon and it was a pretty safe 90 minute race downtown. I wasn't looking to do anything spectacular, just get some experience.

That's just what I did. I tried to move up and hold my position. When a break went off the front, about 20 minutes in, I moved to about 20th wheel. It was cool to watch the teams with sprinters worked hard to keep it under control.

With 10 laps to go I started bonking and faded back. I didn't take any food with me and I was feeling it. I finished off the race somewhere in the pack. I rolled back to the car and just wanted to go to sleep. This crit was pretty hard, 29.5 mph average, but I'm usually not sleepy at the end.

Overall, the tour was hard. I ended up 79th and very tired for my efforts. I obviously didn't have a good week, but I'm okay with it and ready to move on.

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