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Coming to you from Down Under
Monday, October 12, 2009 - Race Reports
I've been having trouble adjusting to Australian life. For one, they still play music videos on TV. For crying out loud, it's not the 80s anymore Australia.

Anyway, I've been in Ballarat for the last few days in a hotel without any free Internet. I'm splitting the Internet fee with Ben just to update this blog. Well that and talk to my wife. Here's what's been going on at the Sun Tour.

There was just a rider presentation last Saturday. I thought there was a race, but was wrong. They called all the teams up in their kits and everybody said they were ready to ride and looking for a good tour. That is, every team except for us. After prompting from the MC, Eric just said, "Yes, I've had a colored history at this race and I lured these guys here with the promise of calm winds and beautiful weather." That drew a couple laughs.

The biggest laugh was drawn by Bradley Wiggins. After being introduced as the star of the race he told everyone he was excited to be in Bendigo. The race doesn't visit Bendigo. He just kept talking as if nothing happened. It's been a long season I guess.

Sunday was the crit. It was just for show, times didn't effect GC. It was pretty technical with a 180 at the bottom of a hill. I was getting wasted out that corner every time, even when I was at the front. I was sprinting all out and gaps were opening in front of me.

A group of 18 went off half way. There was a crash in that 180 with a lap to go and I just pulled the plug. Whatever.

Today, Monday, was the first road race. 6 Bissell guys made the lead group of about 40. It was pretty much a race ride for 50k with cross winds, echelons and tons of attacks. Then the lead group formed and things calmed down till about 15k to go. That's when it got super fast. The wind was kind and I stayed in the group till the finish.

Don't know when my next update will be, but keeping the blog updated is priority number 2, after racing.

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