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It's not sunny at the Sun Tour
Wednesday, October 14, 2009 - Race Reports
Let's see, stage 3 of the Herald Sun Tour was more of the same, cross winds and a constant fight for position. It was about a 100 miles with most of it along the Great Ocean Road, similar to Highway 1 in California. I looked up from the hub in front of me a couple times and it was pretty nice.

We rolled steady in the cross winds and things didn't get interesting till the last climb. The rumor was that Garmin was going to hit it to try and drop Jonathan Cantwell (current leader). The rumor was kind of true. The pace got faster and faster till there were only about 6 guys left including Ben. Me and Pete were just behind and put in race winning efforts to get on, making it 3 of 8 for Bissell.

This was a good situation for Garmin too since they had 3 guys there also. The problem was everyone was cross eyed from the climb. We did some stuff but soon got caught by a group of about 25 that rolled the last 25k to the finish.

I also had a bit of fun in the sprint again today. It was guttered single file on the right coming in. We came up to a slight uphill left with a kilometer to go and as the field took the inside line I tried to move Pete up on the right. That worked till they swung back over. I was a little out of my league and got pushed into the grass.

But it helped Pete move up and he finished 9th. I struggled to get back on and I barely made it. They have timing clip on all the bikes which makes it really easy for the officials to put in time gaps. I was 16th

As a side note, the two riders left from the day's break were caught with just 40 meters left in the stage. Funny how that always happens.

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