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It took a lot of work
Thursday, October 15, 2009 - Race Reports
In stage 4 of the Herald Sun Tour I finished with the front group, but it was not easy. Lots of cracking and deep digging. I think the miles have caught up with me.

My early plan was to get into a break, but Garmin wasn't letting anything go. I just cracked myself leading into the big 6 mile climb that started 20 miles in. I ended up in the second group over the top about 45 seconds back.

The heavens opened up on the decent. It wasn't that technical but you couldn't see anything. After that we spent the next half hour going all out trying to catch that front group.

After the groups joined together it was same old Sun Tour wind riding till the last 15 miles. We hit a little seaside town with some cross wind and it was game on. I was sitting cracked at the back and was the last to make the front group as it broke up.

The finish brought back the full on rain. I could barely make out the rider in front of me. I think I was 26th.

Tomorrow holds a 10k TT. The big worry is the time cut. It's 10% and with Bradley Wiggins that could be only a 1:20.

The other problem is bikes. I think the rule is no TT frames, but wheels, helmets and aero bars are okay. This means Wiggins will have a fully decked out "road bike" and we'll have our Easton EC 90s with clip ons and regular helmets.

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