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10 seconds every kilometer
Friday, October 16, 2009 - Race Reports
That's how much I lost to Bradley Wiggins in the today's 10k TT.

Stiff legs and a tough course caused most of the problems. I could never spin it up the course was up, down and twisty. It required a lot of shifting and the clip on bars made that a bit hard.

All those excuses aside there was still a lot riding on this race. I was tied with Pete for second in the Bissell cup and this was to be the decider. I was no match for the Olympic medalist and got rolled by 18 seconds.

Tomorrow is the "H" shaped circuit in Melbourne. Eric has told us repeatedly that it will be the "toughest day of the tour" and that we'll have to "fight like tigers out there."

Why? Well, since the Herald Sun Tour is a UCI race and the UCI doesn't do crits, tomorrow's stage is a circuit race. Thus, no free laps and if you get lapped with more than two laps left you DNF.

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Chaz Michael Michael's dad
Friday, October 16, 2009, 11:35 am
ouch...on all accounts. from Wiggins to the "circrit" race ( I just patended that term, but you can use it).

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