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The Paul Mach Blog - A romantic weekend in Merced

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A romantic weekend in Merced
Saturday, March 6, 2010 - Race Reports
Oh so niceEvery year I pick a special weekend in early March to spend in Merced. It just happens to always coincide with the Merco Cycling Classic.

To spice it up a bit this year I decided to head down on the romantic 702 San Joaquin. Luckily my Pinarello race bike was already down in Merced so I just packed my backpack full of high quality italian made Giordana spandex and was on my way.

I arrived just in time for a spin with the guys. We headed out on the TTT course from the day before. A course that the Bissell guys deep cleaned.

As for the crit, well, lets see. It was the same old attack, attack, chase, crash, block, chase, attack, hang on. If you need more, read the report soon to be found at PodiumInsight.com or something.

Tomorrow we'll have to cowboy up because 125 miles with a bunch of Giant Yahoos who are full of Energy, United, and looking to Clean Up will surely lead to hard racing.

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