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A little secret for y'all
Saturday, March 27, 2010 - Race Reports
The race got done a little late today so I'm trying to multi-task. Thus, I'm writing this blog while Lani runs her skilled hands over my toned musc.....

Um yeah... my wife reads this blog so I should probably skip that and get to the point. Stage 2 of Redlands was a downtown criterium. 90 minutes, 9 corners, and it was off the hook.

Everything was pretty typical with the corners and the sketchy-ness and the freaking out. With 8 laps to go guys were dive bombing me from both sides. I thought, "Yes, get ahead of me and do your crazy stuff up there."

Two turns later there was a big crash. I managed to be the last one to squeeze by on the inside. Ben hit a guy and ran off his bike. People got free laps and the race came back together for the finish, mostly.

And now what you've been reading for, that little secret I promised. Here it is:

If you are next to me with 5 laps to go in an NRC crit you are not going to win so just chill out and roll it in.

I don't consider myself a crit master, but I'm pretty sure the above statement is true.

As for the Urban Dictionary words, I was too tired last night and didn't feel like forcing it on my last post.

I mean, this blog is meant to be physically safe, politically balanced, and racially accessible so it's not always easy to find a word. I hope we can come to an understandment on that. Okay, good talk.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010, 9:19 pm
Hey Paul... It's been all over the NCNCA
site lately... Seems that there are those
that believe sprinting for a placing in
the top 30 is a good thing!
Good Luck to you and the rest of the
Bissell Team Tomorrow!

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