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Data from the Tour of California
Tuesday, June 1, 2010 - General
It's been a whole week, but I finally received, organized, and processed all the data from the Tour of California. It's all on racedata.paulmach.com right now.

The graphs show time between groups, usually peloton to break.
Some things to look for:
  • How long till the break forms?
  • How quickly it gains time initially?
  • How it gets caught, pulled back quick or sits at 45 seconds for a while?
Each of the links below opens in the same racedata window/tab. So you'll have to switch back and forth.

Stage 1: Nevada City to Sacramento
Since there are 3 riders trying to bridge, the field has to chase them down before the break is let go. The peloton just plays games with the break on the way into Sacramento.

Stage 2: Davis to Santa Rosa
After a crazy decent down Trinity, half the Bissell team crashes and Jeremy ends up in the second group. They get within 20 seconds over the last kicker, but are unable to close it.

Stage 3: San Francisco to Santa Cruz
After almost an hour and a half the break finally forms with Andy JM. The grupetto looses 10 minutes to me, and 2 or 3 more to the leaders, in the 10k up Bonny Doon.

Stage 4: San Jose to Modesto
Rob Britton of Bissell has an excellent ride off the front. At 160k, the crash and subsequent cross wind bike racing took some serious time out of the break.

Stage 5: Visalia to Bakersfield
The break gains 2:30 in its first 3k. The field splits over the first climb with pressure from RadioShack. The break splits over the second climb, but once it's back together, the games start.

Stage 6: Palmdale to Big Bear Lake
Total pain and suffering. Jeremy, Andy and I all finish 28+ minutes down, in separate groups.

Stage 8: Thousand Oak Circuit Race
After the first lap I ended up in the chase group with the Saxo boys. Looks like Fabian rolled back 50 seconds. Jeremy puts up a good fight till the fireworks on the last lap.

As I said before, there is a learning curve to racedata.paulmach.com. Explore, and embrace the right click.

If you have questions, suggestions or some GPS files, shoot me and email: paulmach -at- gmail.com

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