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Like a double rainbow
Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - Race Reports
The prologue of the Tour of Utah was intense. My only question is, "What does it mean?"

Anyway, short post for tonight. Basically felt like crap, saw 6:54 as my time when I crossed the line. Was a bit bumbed.

So I did the math. George Hincapie started 30 seconds behind me, I never got caught and he finished in 6:18. That raised significant questions. Thank you 10 years of post secondary education.

Final results had me at 6:25 in 17th place. Similar placing to last year, but I think the competion is better, so I'm happy.

In other news, Levi Leipheimer said hi to me and George Hincapie smiled and waved. I'm serious, have I ever lied on this blog?

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