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C4 recap
Thursday, July 30, 2009 - General
So what happened in the Cascade Cycling Classic Contest? Everything that's important happened.

Stage 1 - Smith Rock Road Race
My wife Sara won with her prediction that Ben Jacques-Maynes would take the win. And take the win he did, by a whole 10 seconds. Stage victory number 1 for Team Bissell.

Stage 2 - Three Creeks Road Race
There was a bit of controversy on this stage. It looked like Adam Switters used his position in the race to sway the results. We had a poll and the readers agree. Sorry Adam, disqualified! No official winner.

Stage 3 - Skyliners Time Trial
It's getting pretty obvious that Zirbel will win any TT. Not only did PMTG predict that, but he also had Oscar Sevilla in Yellow by a minute. In reality it was 40 seconds, but we'll give him the win anyway. Congratulations Phil.

Stage 4 - Cascade Lakes Road Race
A cute little stage prime for a break. Team Type 1's Moises Aldape took the win and according to the Velonews article his wife called it the night before. So Mrs. Aldape, contact me about your prize. I'm sure you're in desperate need of some Bissell cycling gear.

Stage 5 - Bend Downtown Criterium
I don't think anyone entered, but Ivan Dominguez took the win. A bit of drama that day as Ouch worked to bring back the break only to miss the win.

Stage 6 - Awbrey Butte Circuit Race
Whatever, it appears everyone was watching the Ventoux stage over and over again and didn't care to enter. At least that's what we were doing at our host house. I think I saw the last 5k three times.

The Overall
Burnt Johnson, I do hope that's not a crash while taking a pee inspired pseudonym. Anyway Burnt, you are the winner and the only one to pick Oscar Sevilla. Congratulations.

One last thing, the quote of the week goes to Burke Swindlehurst with

"Looking at your power meter during a sprint
is like looking at yourself in the mirror while having sex."

Oh yeah, that's nice. I like what I'm seeing.
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An extended stay in the pain cave
Sunday, July 26, 2009 - Race Reports
The last day of Cascade was another tough one. 84 miles, 5 laps, with a couple little climbs that dished out the hurt.

In summary, it was one of the most painful days of racing I've ever had. The first two laps were super fast and I was giving it a 110% just to stay on. I regulated myself to water boy after that.

The second to last time up the climb I did everything to just stay on. I knew that if I got over the top I could get some bottles for the team and help out that way. That's what I did and then just hovered at the back exhausted.

The last time up I was cooked and rode the last 5k with Floyd Landis who was part of the Ouch train driving it into the climb.

He was a nice guy and offered me some water, but it must have been a trick since he's been sick all week. "I'm not sick anymore, I just can't get better," he said. Okay, whatever Floyd.

Thanks to a lead out from James Mattis I pumped him on the line. That turned a bad day into a possible once in a lifetime result.

I thought it was over, but I was wrong. We needed to keep the pressure on to make our flight home so I suffered some more on Ben's wheel as he raced home. Not to worry, we made it with plenty of time.

Overall Cascade went pretty well for Team Bissell. All that suffering ended in 2 stage wins, a day in yellow and another day in green. Good times.
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Thrashed Again
Saturday, July 25, 2009 - Race Reports
Today's stage of the Cascade Classic was a 90 minute crit in downtown Bend. Since it didn't start till 7pm it was a long day of waiting.

After a short ride a few of us Bissell riders went and had lunch with the Rad Racing junior team. Tom told them how important it is to not do drugs and stay in school. Great advice.

Before the crit, Tim, my old running buddy and best man at my wedding, stopped by on his way to Denver. It was good to catch up with him and see his new baby Elsie. He also got me all pumped up for the race.

The race? It was fast. I felt confident after the Fitchburg crit, I moved up there no problem and did stuff, today was much different. It was basically a flat 5x1 block hot dog. It would get bunched up in the last two turns causing some sketchy moves and forcing big accelerations.

After about an hour of suffering I finally got in a rhythm. I think people just found their place and dealt with it. Not as much fighting for position.

With about 7 laps to go someone clipped their pedal in the last corner sending me into a hay bale. I got my free lap, but that was pretty much the end of my race. They let those of us who crashed back in when half the peloton had passed so after our 0 to 36 acceleration we were on the back. I don't know if it was that, the two minutes rest to let the legs lock up, or getting stuck with other riders in the same position that cracked me, but crack I did.

I got pulled with 5 to go and was pretty wasted. As I did my lap off the back I heard some people yell, "Go Burke." After the face, Burke was a little unhappy to hear this and I'd like to apologize for hurting his image.

That actually isn't the first time I've been off the back getting called Burke this week. It happened on Wednesday too. I don't think I'll tell Burke about that.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day. We prerode the circuit race loop this morning and it's pretty hard. Hopefully it'll go better than today.
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Rubber side up?
Friday, July 24, 2009 - Race Reports
Another big stage today at the Cascade Classic. A 15 mile climb to start and then a hill top to finish.

The first climb was pretty hard. I tried my hand at some moves but just didn't have it. Ben got in the break that finally formed over the top. He was high man on GC in there so that let us sit back for once. The break came back in the end but Ben got the green sprint jersey for his efforts.

After the climb things settled down as Rock took the front. However, everyone was fighting for position behind them.

Still about 10 miles out I got caught up in a crash. Something happened on the left and moved over to the right. Rammed my collar bone into a rear wheel but was going pretty slow when I fell. Taylor Phinney not so much. I got up, fixed my front brake, put my chain back on and he was still laying there on the ground. But it sounds like he'll be okay.

Kirk and I spent a while chasing back on but finally made it. After that I just hung out at the back a little tired and a little unmotivated.

When it started to go hard up the final climb I found myself at the back. I had to go around guys and ended up about 10 meters behind the lead group before I blew up. That's what I get for starting at the back, oh well.

I'm glad the legs felt better on today's final climb. Now just saving it for that circuit race on Sunday.

I don't think anybody appreciated today's win by Team Type 1's Moises Aldape.

Tomorrow's crit will be interesting. I don't know how much work Ivan Dominguez did today but he was up there. Kirk had an easy day so I'll bet on him.
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