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Living life on the edge... of the road
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012 - Race Reports
Family Business This post is a bit late. I know because my mom mentioned the lack of an update to me yesterday. At least one person is reading this stuff.

So I finished Dairlyland. After the last post there were 4 more crits. I did 3 of them. Thursday was the crit in Sheboygan, flat and my legs felt terrible. Friday was back in Fond du Lac, lapped the field and ended up 5th. I got Saturday off and Sunday in Madison featured tired legs.

Overall I had mild success at TOAD. But the team, Kenda/5, was awesome. We won 8 of 11 stages, the overall and a bunch of primes along the way. Not sure if I'd do it again on account of the whole crit thing, but it was fun to win.

On the way home I stopped in Boulder for a day and then it was 4th of July Crit time. That was a mistake. I did virtually nothing and was pretty much bonking while hanging onto the back.

So that's how I did 9 crits in 2 weeks. To compare I did 8 crits all of last year. And no, I'm not a crit monkey now.

Recent news is that Kenda is NOT doing the Tour of Utah this year. Such ends my 4 year streak. Last year I got made fun of by Levi Leipheimer, who knows what could have happened this year.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 - Race Reports
Winner Winner I'm going to be honest, this whole crit series thing is kicking my butt. It's not just the racing, the crit squad is a different animal. Let's just say the stage race squad is a bit more sophisticated....

To recap, Sunday was another crit. While the field that finished was small, I was at the back of it. Monday was a road race that was kind of lame. There were a couple kickers that the crit guys would smash. You had to match it otherwise you'd get shot to the back for a whole lap.

Tuesday, yet another crit. It had a nice hill but I started at the back and before I got to the front the break was gone. Later I bridged to the break only to get dropped on the last lap. But I did pipp Bahati at the line for 10th.

Today was a mostly flat road race with wind. Using what I've learned on the Davis group rides we put a lot of pressure on the field. I attacked with 5k to go for the win. So that was 7 in a row for the team and it was finally my turn.

Well, back to hearing Max Korus tell us how Kopps makes the best custard ever....

Sunday, June 24, 2012 - Race Reports
Dominate So, today is highlighted by the fact that the left shift key on my laptop doesn't work. Try writing code without a shift key. Ah, first world problems...

Yesterday was highlighted by me getting in a move for the last 10 laps of the crit in Grafton. I attacked and Cole House came across. The funny thing was that it was a prime lap, but Cole forgot and flicked his elbow right before the line. So I pulled through out of the saddle and took the monies. Good times.

While I got caught on the last lap, the race turned out well for good old Kenda/5. Luca won, John was second and we had two others 4th and 7th.

Tonight we go again. How many of these are left?

Saturday, June 23, 2012 - Race Reports
Good times here in Milwaukee. A short morning ride, followed by some blog writing. Then we race. Afterwards we're high on adrenaline so we watch a movie. The next day we repeat.

Yesterday's crit was in East Troy. It was a new race and was just a half mile with 6 turns. So basically the only place to pass was by chopping the corners. That equals a sketchy race.

For me, I got off the front with Chad Hartley and a couple other guys. We lapped the field about 20 minutes later. I then tried to attack again but didn't have the juice, but managed to get the crowd prime. I ended up 4th since the sprint was cray cray.

Today we go again, another 90 minute crit.

Friday, June 22, 2012 - Race Reports
All right, so I'm in Milwaukee for the Tour of America's Dairyland. 11 days, 9 crits, 2 road races. This is my first full on crit series so...

Yesterday was the first race in Shorewood. It was a 1.3 mile rectangle. I had a good time. The break of 6 with 3 Kenda/5 riders went early, right when I got a flat. Then I spent the rest of the race covering moves and still racing pretty hard. For the finish, I lead out the sprint for our sprinters.

In the end, John won, Lucca was second and other guys were 6th, 8th and 9th. After the race I felt like I was hanging out with the High-Five'n White Guys.

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