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The Paul Mach Blog - November 2009

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Monday, November 30, 2009 - General
For the Thanksgiving holiday the wife and I headed out to southern Florida. Why? Because we'd never been and wanted to check it out. The fact that it's 3000 miles away from our families is just a coincidence.
Ocean Water We spent the week driving from Palm Beach to Key West and back having a great time. The warm ocean water was awesome and I particularly enjoyed watching the waves man-handle my wife's cute little bikini.

For Thanksgiving just hung out in our hotel room in Fort Lauderdale. As we waited the 16 minutes for our Chicken Parmesan to microwave we had a chance to reflect on the things we're thankful for. Not having the usual stresses of Thanksgiving was at the top of the list. Although we were a little disappointed no one was going share their Pumpkin Banana Meringue Pie with us.

On the flight back home I had my first out of state, "Are you Paul Mach," experience. Keith noticed the "P. Mach" on my sweet Merrell bag. He then checked out the blog with the free in-flight wifi and we had a nice little chat while waiting for our bags.

So that was Thanksgiving for us. Now it's back to more important things like adding new features to the blog.

P.S. As suggested by Vanilla Ice, I went looking for "Girls wearing less than bikinis" on A1A Beachfront Avenue. I didn't spot any, must have been the time of year.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 - General
I'm going to warn you up front. If you're an avid watcher of Bones and have yet to see episode 4 of season 5, "The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," you should avert your eyes now.

So I was watching that episode on Hulu (expires soon) and I saw this:
Death by Cleat My Speedplay cleat. Yes, the very same ones that offer me independent forward-back, left-right adjustment, and variable float. The same ones that make Speedplays the lowest combined pedal, cleat weight around. Yep, those were the ones featured for just over a second. Amazing.

Okay, so three cyclists ended up killing the guy and the cleat was one of the murder weapons. But, over a second of air time!

Monday, November 2, 2009 - General
Almost ready for the show. The wife and I spent last weekend in San Rafael. Sara had a triathlon there and this was my opportunity to be the supporting spouse for once. Long story short, I failed. I fell asleep sometime during the bike and Sara couldn't find me for a good half hour after her finish.

I'm not too upset about it because being a supportive spouse is about more than just race day. So I'll go ahead and take partial credit for Sara's 5th place in her age group and being the 5th woman overall in the swim.

Does my wife agree with this? Probably not, but it helps me sleep at night.

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