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The Paul Mach Blog - December 2009

Living life on the edge... of the road
Photo by Musa Zaid

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Thursday, December 10, 2009 - General
Something special is created between two cyclists when one yells at another to pull through. Until today I was sure this would be the only connection I would ever have with The Bradley Wiggins.

This morning posted a story about Wiggins riding for Team Sky next year, which included the photo below. Notice how similar it is to my photo taken three days ago for The Mach Family Christmas Letter.

How embarrassing, I don't think there will be enough time for another shoot.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 - Tech
Today is the one year anniversary of my Android app, a simple text editor appropriately named Text Edit.

Way back, when I first got my new G1, I was looking for that perfect app to write blog entries. I wanted to save the files so I could later open them on my laptop.

It turned out the only app that worked also sucked b*ll*. That's when I decided to turn my previously useless Java programing skills into something and made my own.

Now, a year and 40,000 downloads later, Text Edit is still making people's lives better. People like James who writes, "Simple, as a rapper, I just needed a simple app to open and start typing my verses." And Andy who says, "Like ptext but better."

So if you have an Android based phone, like the G1 or Droid, please give Text Edit a try, it's free. If for no other reason than to inflate my download count.

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